NOBILIS METALS combines over 140 years of precious metal experience with cutting edge manufacturing technology to create one of the largest precious metal manufacturing complexes in North America.

Our exclusive FusionForged® process produces superior quality, symmetrically formed parts with a fine‑grain, defect free microstructure for the medical, electronic and aerospace industries, where quality, high performance materials are required. The process is both unique and proprietary.

Custom Clads

NOBILIS METALS has mastered the art of bonding many layers of materials. Our cladding processes include:

• Hot Roll Bonding
• Braze Bonding
• Co-Extrusion FusionForged® Bonding
These three bonding processes provide our customers with an incubator to create fully bonded composites like our Tri‑Braze™ BAg Alloys .  or our high performance alloys such as gold, silver or platinum group metals with base or refractory metals or other metal combinations.

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