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NOBILIS METALS offers a wide array of standard silver AWS BAg alloys including clads and channels.

Silver brazing filler metals or silver brazing alloys are used for the joining of most ferrous and non-ferrous metals with the exceptions of aluminum and magnesium.

The Process
Molten silver filler metal interacts with a thin layer of the base metal. As it cools the grain structure interaction produces an exceptionally strong sealed joint.
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Available as rod, wire and strip.

NOBILIS METALS manufactures a number of standard gold AWS BAu brazing alloys. Gold brazing alloys are used for the brazing of iron, nickel and cobalt based metals. Their common use is with thinner base metals due to their low rate of interaction.

Gold filler material provides the following advantages:
• Resistance to oxidation
• Resistance to corrosion
• Maintains ductility

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Available as rod, wire and strip.


Brazing alloys can be produced as clads in strip, wire or rod forms. They can be constructed of single precious metals with precious or non-precious metal alloys or as precious metal only clads. Clads enable brazing engineers to produce a product with more than one material characteristic or benefit and at the same time choose material combinations that aid in controlling costs. Brazing Clads

Clad Benefits:
• More than one material characteristic or benefit.
• Control costs by marrying less expensive materials to precious metals.

Dimensions   Inches
Rod Diameters
.047, .062, .093, .125
  Lengths 18, 20, 30
Wire Diameters .031, .047, .062, .093
  Coiled or spooled as required
Strip Thickness .002 - .040
  Width up to 5
  Straight and coiled lengths as required


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