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• Hot Roll Bonding
• Braze Bonding
• Co-Extrusion FusionForged® Bonding
These bonding processes provide “New Solutions” to old problems. Our metallurgically bonded alloys provide significantly longer product life over materials using traditional plating and coating processes.

Specifically for co-axial geometries we use our proprietary FusionForged® process for tube and rod.

Fully Bonded Clads
NOBILIS METALS has mastered the art of bonding many layers of materials. Our Cladding processes provide an incubator to create fully bonded composites in endless combinations. This results in products with multiple material characteristics and benefits.

For example, by combining platinum group metal alloys with tantalum, we can achieve a material with radiopacity and electro-conductive benefits with lower use of precious metals as well.

Benefits of NOBILIS METALS Clads include Bi-Metals, Tri-metals and Multi-Metals

  • NOBILIS METALS metallurgically bonded metals provide significantly longer product life over materials using traditional plating and coating processes.

  • Thicker layers of metallurgically bonded materials provide longer product life than products made using plating or coatings with substantially thinner and less durable layers.


  • NOBILIS METALS Tri-Braze™   
  • Gold - Silver Clads
  • Platinum with Palladium
  • Hundreds of other combinations
Sheet and Foil Clads

Sheet products can be constructed of single precious metals with precious or non-precious metal alloys or as precious metal clads which produce fully bonded layered materials. These can be delivered as sheet, strip, foil or ribbon.

Micro-photography shows fully bonded clad materials in our tri-metal brazing alloy.

Feedstock Dimensions   Inches
Depending on the materials selected and the product form NOBILIS METALS Clad products will fall within the dimensional ranges shown below.
Tubing The dimensional range of tubing depend to a degree on the outside diameter to wall ratio as well as the material or alloy selected. NOBILIS METALS makes both seamless and seamed tubing and can accommodate:
  Outside Diameters .060 - 1.280
  Wall Thickness .0027 - .150
  Maximum Tube Lengths are determined by the OD and wall dimensions of the tube. Tube can be cut to length as required.
Rod and Wire Minimum Diameter .003
  Maximum Diameter 1.90
  Straight Length Diameters .025-.337
    Available in 1 - 12 Foot Lengths
  Coils/Spools Diameters .022-.350
  Weight per Spool 50 -300 Toz depending on coil, spool or reel size.
  Custom packaging is available
Sheet, Foil and Ribbon
Thickness .001-.100
  Thicker material can be produced if a high grade finish is not required.
  Maximum Width 12
  Minimum width is determined by thickness and material selected. Call for details.
  Maximum Straight Length 8 feet
  Maximum Coiled Lengths 300 Toz
  Dimensional tolerances will vary depending on the thickness and width required.

Applications could include:

Clads for Electrical Applications

  • Test Probes - Circuit Boards
  • Electrical Contacts
  • Electrodes

Clads as Contact Alloys
A simple example of an electrical “contact” would be a “switch” which has two pieces of metal called contacts that touch to make a circuit, and separate to break the circuit. The contact material is chosen for its resistance to corrosion, because most metals form insulating oxides that would prevent the switch from working.

Electrical Contacts are often clad with precious metals or manufactured from solid precious metal alloys. Contact materials are also chosen on the basis of electrical conductivity, (resistance to abrasive wear), mechanical strength, low cost and low.

Clads as Electrodes
An electrode is an electrical conductor used to make contact with a nonmetallic part of a circuit (e.g. a semiconductor, an electrolyte or avacuum). Electrodes can be made from Gold, Silver, Platinum and combination alloys, depending on the application and required characteristics appropriate to the application.



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