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NOBILIS METALS is a leader in the production of precious metal feedstock in the form of tubing, rod and sheet. Our facilities produce thousands of tons of precious metal milled product annually.

Feedstock alloys: Feedstock is provided in hundreds of precious metal alloys including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, ruthenium, iridium and rhodium. Whatever you need to machine, stamp or otherwise form into a finished part for your particular customer or application, we can provide the highest quality starting materials in the form of NOBILIS METALS feedstock.


Tube feedstock
may be used to manufacture medical marker bands, electronic contacts, slip rings, hydrogen purification membrane bundles, combustion chambers for rocket nozzle assemblies and hundreds of other specific applications.

rod feed stock
Rod feedstock may be used to draw down rod to wire as PtW8 airbag actuator wire, Ptir10 medical guidewire and many other medical parts and assemblies, machined to form specific parts in any precious metal alloy.

wire feedstock
Wire feedstock might be used to machine pins and other small diameter parts for component assemblies.

flat stock feed stock
Flat Stock Feedstock would typically be used as feedstock for stamping operations related to electronic applications. Other uses would be precious metal stamped parts required for various component assemblies.


NOBILIS METALS can provide any of our clad materials as feedstock for your finish manufacturing.

feeed stock clads
These materials may contain one or more precious metals or precious and non-precious combinations. Depending on the element and the product form more than two materials may be joined together.

Tubing Dimensions   Inches
The dimensional range of tubing depend to a degree on the outside diameter to wall ratio as well as the material or alloy selected.
  NOBILIS METALS makes both seamless and seamed tubing and can accommodate:
  Outside Diameters .025-1.280
  Wall Thickness .0027-.150
  Maximum tube lengths are determined by the outside deminsions and wall dimensions of the tube. Tube can be cut to length as required.
Rod and Wire Dimensions   Inches
  Minimum Diameter
  Maximum Diameter 1.90
  Straight lengths for diameters .025-.377
  Available in 1-12 Foot length
  Coils/Spools for diameters .022-.350
  NOBILIS METALS will customize wire packaging as required.
Flat Stock Dimensions   Inches
  Thickness: .002-.100
  Thicker material can be produced if a high grade finish is not required. 
  Maximum Width 12

Straight lengths: Maximum of 8 Feet

  Maximum Coiled length 300 Toz
  Dimensional tolerances will vary depending on the thickness and width required.

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