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Medical Grade Materials

NOBILIS METALS is a primary supplier of precious metals mill products used to make medical components. Through the careful control of manufacturing processes including our proprietary FusionForged® extrusion process, we offer repeatable high-quality metal alloy microstructures, high defect free density and high precision dimension control. This results in well-defined mechanical properties and superior surface conditions. We manufacture precious metals based wire, rod, tube, sheet, strip, foil, ribbon and other custom forms for our customers’ specific applications.

Alloys for Medical

Au and Au alloys, Ag

Pt, Pt10Ir, Pt20Ir, Pt8W, Pt10Ni

Platinum Group Metal alloys are used to provide superior mechanical, electrical and radiopaque properties for medical component/device applications.


NOBILIS METALS produces clad materials configurations used in medical component/device applications. Combining a shell made of a material with desirable properties such as high conductivity or radiopacity with a core of an alloy with high mechanical strength or electrochemical resistance allows you to develop products that are engineered to meet your specific medical application. Additionally, core materials may be non-precious metals to provide some degree of cost reduction. Clad materials are produced in the form of clad wire, rod and tubes..

NOBILIS METALS Clads offer optimum control over the desired material characteristics.

Alloy Development for Medical Component Applications

Our team of experienced metallurgists can develop custom alloys tailored to your specific needs. Our full service chemical laboratory coupled with our sophisticated materials characterization laboratory provides our customers with complete control as we develop new alloys together.

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