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Sheet and Strip

NOBILIS METALS manufactures a wide range of sheet products and flat stock. Sheet can be reduced in thickness and width to become strip, foil or ribbon. Our sheet products are used in a variety of industrial applications.

Sheet alloys: Gold, silver, platinum, palladium and various alloys can all be formed into either strip, foil or ribbon depending on the dimensions required.


Uses include feedstock for stampings, architecture, battery manufacturing, brazing alloys, capacitors, catalysts, electronics, hydrogen separation, medical devices and more.


Sheet products can be constructed of single precious metals with precious or non-precious metal alloys or as precious metal clads which produce fully bonded layered materials.

Micro-photography shows fully bonded materials in our tri-metal brazing alloy.

Clad White Paper PDF

  Thickness: .002"-.010"
  Thicker material can be produced if a high grade finish is not required.
  Maximum Width: 12"
  Minimum Width: Determined by thickness and material selected. 

Maximum Straight Length: 96"

  Maximum Coiled Length: 300 Toz
  Dimensional Tolerances: Vary depending on thickness and width.
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