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NOBILIS METALS manufactures a wide range of precious metal tubes in the form of tube feedstock or cut lengths for the production of a variety of scientific and industrial applications. Tubes can be manufactured in straight lengths, cut to length or coiled as required. Square tubing and other shapes are also available.

Tubing alloys: Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, can be alloyed with ruthenium, iridium and rhodium and with non-precious elements.

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Uses include aerospace, electronics, chemical processing, geochemistry, glass manufacturing, hydrogen separation, implantable medical devices, thermocouple sheaths, and musical wind instruments to name a few.

Bi-Metals or Clad Tubing

Tubes can be constructed of more than one material. This enables engineers to produce a product with more than one material characteristic or benefit while at the same time choose material combinations that aid in controlling costs. Materials could include more than one precious metal or a combination of precious and non-precious metals.

The dimensional range of tubing depend to a degree on the outside diameter to wall ratio as well as the material or alloy selected. NOBILIS METALS makes both seamless and seamed tubing and can accommodate:
  Outside Diameter: .025"-1.280"
  Wall Thickness: .0027"-.150"
  Maximum Tube Length: Determined by the ODs and wall dimensions.
Tube can be cut to length as required.
  Maximum Coiled Length: 300 Toz
  Dimensional Tolerances: Vary depending on OD and wall.



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