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NOBILIS METALS manufacturers a wide range of precious metal rod and single strand wire. Rod can be produced as feedstock to be drawn down to wire dimensions and is available in a number of industry specific alloys such as PtW 8% which is used in the automotive airbag industry. Single strand wire can be delivered in coils, on spools or reels, in straight lengths or as cut or cropped pins.

Tailor made to your specifications NOBILIS METALS will manufacture these products to fit your needs for specific physical characteristics such as tensile strength and breaking load, elongation and resistance.

Micro-photograph of Pt 99.9 wire showing typical necking of our platinum wire after our materials characterization lab tested it’s tensile strength.

Wire and rod alloys: Gold, silver, platinum, palladium, iridium, ruthenium and rhodium and their alloys can be formed into either rod or wire.

Rod is typically used as feedstock to draw down to wire sizes, as straight lengths cut to length to accommodate electronic applications, or as blank stock for the manufacture of machined parts. Chopped round or square rod is also used as platinum or palladium casting material with typical dimensions being .125" x .125" or .250" x .250".


Applications for precious metal rod and wire include aerospace and automotive applications, capacitors, detonation wire, electrical contacts, electrodes, electronics, electrophoresis, furnace elements, fuses, gas detection, lamps, lead wires, ignition wires, medical devices, production of turbine blades, resistors, sensing devices, vacuum seals and more.


NOBILIS METALS is a leader in the production of solder filled and clad wire. Producing rod and wire made from more than one metal allows the user to create rod and wire with more than one material characteristic and at the same time choose materials that aid in controlling costs.

  Minimum Diameter: .003"
  Maximum Diameter: 1.90"
  Straight Lengths for Diameters: .025"-1.90"
  Length: 12"-24"
  Coils/Spools for Diameters: .022"-.350"
  50 - 300 Toz depending on coil, spool or reel size
NOBILIS METALS will customize wire packaging as required.



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